YiKing - The Book of Changes - a tribute to P.K.Dick

Here's YiKing Java Powered !

I think it was worth waiting for 2000 years !
The YiKing, I Ching, or Book of Changes (click for the correct pronunciation) is a kind of oracle coming from China. It is said to be the most ancient oracle known.
Here is a little explanation about the classical way of asking the Oracle, as you can find it on the Web with the complete text in english, I'm using in the applet:
You have to concentrate yourself upon a question, and using 3 coins or a set of sticks, pick one hexagram among the 64. Add up the total of the coins using 2 points for Yin (tails) and 3 for Yang (heads). You now have the first line of your hexagram.

6 --o-- Old Yang 'changing' to Yin
7 ----- Young Yang
8 --_-- Young Yin
9 --x-- Old Yin 'changing' to Yang

By repeating these steps 6 times you will complete the hexagram. The changing lines are giving you special explanations for a particular hexagram. A second hexagram is drawn by aging the changing lines of the first one, this hexagram can help you to understand the oracle.
So I've made a little upgrade to this ancient method (I'm currently learning Java, and this is a kind of exercise for me, a way to learn a little more about java.awt.* ;). Now you just have to concentrate upon a question, and click !
I'm not at all a paranormal addict, and I don't believe in a "religious" explanation of the YiKing. BUT you can consider this page as a tribute to my favorite writer, P.K.Dick. Take a look to some of the numerous web sites celebrating this man, who was a lot more than just a sci-fi writer.

At the end of his life he began to be deeply involved in a theological meditation, but even before he was fascinated by the YiKing. He was using the oracle as a drug to solve some of the problems coming from his schizophrenic mind. He used it to write some of his books, a way for him to decide for the future of his characters.

Some of his books are talking explicitly about the YiKing, the most famous is The Man in the High Castle, and many people have discussed about its ending using the few hexagrams quoted.

So as you have maybe already guessed this applet is a kind of joke for me, but it's also something really deep. Consider this as a "clin d'oeil" to the great Master, and don't forget that Java == Ubik !

Here is a few sites talking about the Book of Changes 1, 2.
Take a look in Yahoo fo other links.
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