A (very) 

bad day.mpeg

too bad it's all fake, and I prove it

 $$$$$   $$$"    "$$$$$"    "$     $     $  "$  $$$$$"    "$  "$  $$$
 $$$$"   "$$  $$oo$$$$$  $$oo$  $$$$  $$$$   "  $$$$$  $$  $   "  $$$
o$$$$  $  $$o    "$$$$$o    "$    $$     $      $$$$$  $$  $      $$$o
$$$$   o   $""$$  $$$$$""$$  $  $$$$  $$$$  o   $$$$$  $$  $  o   $$$$
$$$$  $$$  $o    o$$$$$o    o$     $     $  $o  $$$$$o    o$  $o  $$$$
$$$$                                      "$$$$$$$$$$"           o$$$$
$$$$                                       "$$$$$$$$"           o$$$$$
$$$$                                        $$$$$$$$            $$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$            $$$$$$            $$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$            $$$$            $$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$           "$$"           $$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$o           ""           o$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$$o                      o$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$$$o                    o$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$o                  o$$$$$$$$$$$$
"$$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                  $$$$$$$$$$$$"
 $$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                $$$$$$$$$$$$$
 $$$$$$$$$$$$           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$              $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Keely M. Swenson

The badday video is now famous everywhere on earth. It has been displayed on US TV in a CNBC show, CBS This Morning, Talk Soup on E!, in The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, and in the Los Angeles 'LAWEEKLY' newspaper column by Judith Lewis.

This page has even been linked to by download.com (CNET).

Now the case is closed. The fantastic actor has been identified. Check the CNBC article for more details about his appearance on TV ,the article from The Wall Street Journal, or a complete review from the Durango Herald (text version of the original article).

I'm very proud to announce that I have received an email from Vinny Licciardi, the now famous actor on the video:

Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 08:25:59 -0600
From: Vinny Licciardi
To: "" <>
Subject: Bad day

Thanks for all the sites. I'll see if i 
can come up with something else in the 
near future.  Got to get smashing. 
          Mr. Bad  Day
                Vinny Licciardi
You may have already received by mail or checked out on the Web this large video, often named badday.mpg (beware 5MB!, you may prefer a shrink down version to 416KB courtesy of Jeroen Paternostre). An MPEG movie so hilarious some can't stop watching it for hours. A kind of catharsis for the every day life frustration of sitting in front of a computer.
First you smile, then you analyze. At least I did. And I checked every frame of this little drama trying to understand. 
Now I know the truth: this video is a fake. And I accuse the Wintel monopoly of having shot this movie. Another conspiracy!
First it's a fake and the pictures below will show you the proof. Second it's coming from Wintel. Using the MPEG standard instead of their weird AVI files is not enough to hide their responsibility. 
Why creating such a movie? There is no doubt on this point: Wintel is creating a catharsis because they fear the day of the revolution. The day when workers sitting in front of their buggy products won't laugh. The day we will stand up together to fetch for the people in charge of this disastrous hardware/software association! 
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Some guy is sitting in front 
of his desk. Quite an 
ordinary scene 
these days.
(Note that he is 
obviously using a PC.)
But he seems a bit 
upset by something... 
Note that none of the 
normal cables of the 
are connected! 
He gives a slap to 
his monitor. Not an 
uncommon reaction
in the business.
But it's a heavy slap.
A jail/cubicle 
stands up alarmed by 
the sound.
Then the worker hits 
so badly his keyboard, 
you feel the pain in
your own hand.
He grabs the keyboard 
and hits the monitor 
at full strength.
The monitor fells 
on the floor. 
The guy turns around his desk and... 
looks at the camera! 
With a small smile. It's a FAKE! 
This picture is the ultimate evidence.
He even exchange a small 
smile with his "colleague".
The longest version of the 
video I've seen ends with 
the man putting the monitor 
out of pain using his feet.
there's also a German, French page about badday.mpg
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Check out the sound only version! 
.au (Sun/Next) / .wav (PC)
Not so conclusive about the 
conspiracy, but fun and light: 533kB

I have found another "badday video" on
the Web. It's an AVI file this time: the
horrible Wintel consortium is signing
it's infamy. Not so funny, but still
valuable. Download now (only 1.5MB)!

       April 20th 1998 
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