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We've all heard of "ER", the TV series that has been running riot on NBC for some time now and was discovered this summer by France 2 and the Swiss channel TSR .

This soap, which some would call tremendous, portrays an emergency room in an American hospital where the day-to-day lives of the staff are punctuated by a whole variety of emergencies and patients in varying degress of distress.

What you may not know is that the atmosphere brilliantly depicted in "Emergency Room" was actually directly inspired from the lives of the men and women at the "Urgences Informatiques", commonly known as "CR" (Computing Room), at CERN, the giant scientific research complex in Geneva.

So, to render unto Ceasar what belongs to CERN, I decided to write "CR - the Series", an everyday story of those good computer folk. ER will never seem the same again!

So take your pick:


Certain scenes in CR are liable to damage the sensibilities of younger readers. The author, translator and photographers accept no responsibility.

The scenes and characters in CR are wholly imaginary. Any similarity with persons living or dead would be really unfortunate.

CR is a medicine. If the symptoms persist please consult your doctor.

Jean-François Gillot (, September 5th, 1996.