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I have escaped from here, at last ! Instead of debugging obfuscated C, X, Pro*C code, I'm designing original entertainment products for the Web. Check out our corporate site MultiMania Prod. !

You can also have a look to my CV or just check out this one, it belongs to a friend of mine, we have more or less the same cursus.

I used to work at CERN at CERN as a "cooperant", it's a way of doing your "service militaire" for the french government, but in a civilian way. [Des Blattes !]

I've made also a Web page dedicated to the hidden features of Netscape Navigator, better known as Mozilla !
And another Java powered page, offering a gateway to the I Ching the most ancient oracle. My tribute to P.K.Dick, un clin d'oeil au Grand Maître.
Also a Java powered speedy gateway to Figlet.
Take a look to the gateway in Java I've made between Teletext and the Web. CERN is using an internal video system to monitor its physics experiments. And a gateway to the Web is working very well for a long time now. I've upgraded this system using Java to turn each client (i.e. Web browser) into a Teletext decoder. This result in a low bandwidth use, and relieves the server from the calculation of the images.
Take also a look to my Wintel conspiracy Web page.

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