Benoît Rigaut


37 years old

French nationality

CTO – Web technologies

Profit center responsibility in B2C Web

53, rue Servan

75011 Paris

+33 (0) 6 12 93 00 96


Professional experiences




Marketing department


since 2008

Director – internet department


Strategic decisions to help Printemps department store rise in luxury range. Tools definition to gain in store traffic. Increase and valorization of email database, connected to business intelligence legacy tools. Web and email usage patterns analysis. Definition of distinctive online services, especially for participative web and mobility (iPhone.) Creation of online partnership with suppliers. Identifying digital goals for different departments of the company, including advertising, in store events, public relations, internal communication, and international customers.

Definition of the functional details of web operations, Choice, brief and conduct of web agencies. Choice and supervision of external contractors for coding on the mutualized platform for the different web sites. Management of the internal webmaster team. Respect of the offline corporate identity, and its adaptation to digital. Management and conflict resolution for domain names.

Technical architecture definition. Coding standard and quality leader. Management of the external contractor for hosting and supervision. Supervisor of the content management tool, web analytics (Omniture), email routing (Epsilon), SEO/SEM.

In charge of the budget for digital structure. Competitive intelligence for ecommerce matters (participation at French and international meetings).


PPR Group



CTO – Printemps wedding registry and


Participation to the definition of online strategic decisions for the online subsidiary of Printemps group. Especially since the very beginning of the “bricks & clicks” wedding wish list project, involving multiple companies (Printemps, Fnac, Conforama, Madelios, Citadium.)

Creation of a mutualized platform using Microsoft technologies for all web projects. Choice of a hosting solution, SLAs definition, and redundant architecture. Coding and testing platform creation. Definition of coding standards and quality.

Complete redefinition of the former wedding list system using cross-channel web technologies (in store intranet and extranet, internet, Minitel, SMS, phone and postal mail.) Interfacing with legacy applications (point of sale, products database.) Web services integration with external partners. General contractor for the technical project (2M€.) First large implementation in France for Microsoft .Net technology. Technical lead for evolutions and corrections after the launch at mid-2002.

Conducting call for bids, and supervision of the external contractors into the delivery of a range of mutualized tools for the different web sites of (mass emailing, incoming email, content management, e-recruiting, SEO.) Ecommerce site creation based on Microsoft Commerce Server 2002, and supply chain workflow definition based on in store picking.

Management of the webmaster and other external contractors. In charge of the budget (0.5 M€.)



subsidiary of GrandVision Group


July to November 2000

CTO – digital pictures hosting and photofinishing


GrandVision, a French leading group in retail, operates a photofinishing activity using its 400+ retails network and the two major brands PhotoService and PhotoStation (16% of the french market). A spinoff was created in June to handle its online business.

Definition of a complete operational “bricks & clicks” strategy co-working with the brands' management. Projection of this strategy within an operational framework with the respect of the constraints of logistics and manufacturing of digitalization and printing of the photographs. Recruitment of a fundamental technical team (7 people).

Selection and management of the relations with the various consulting and development firms (Morse, Fi System) for the general and detailed technical specifications (budget 2MF.) Lead on the definition of a complete architecture of the information system, with a broad study of the software tools available in the JSP/Java/J2EE universe. Strong requirements for load scaling in respect of consultation and storage.



MultiMania Production


Project leader – personal web hosting service


Following the merger between the free historical leader in web page hosting in France, definition and complete setup of the technical platform of MultiMania. FreeBSD, Solaris, Apache, PHP, MySQL.

Design and implementation of the HTML chat server 400+ simultaneous users. Confrontation with concepts of strong scaling and security issues. Windows NT, server side Java, access to MySQL database using JDBC.

Choice, integration and development of the search engine of MultiMania based on the Verity clustered version K2. Platform Solaris SPARC, server side Java, native code integration using JNI, shell scripts.

Research on the written interactions in natural language for the creation of an online collaborative game based on textual dialogues with non-playing characters. Immersion in the research activities on NLP (natural language processing) and the representations of discussions using graphs. Development of a proof of concept (client/server in Java, RMI and JNI integration with legacy code like the WordNet dictionary.)

Participation to the development and installation of an exhibit for the Paris Science museum (Cité des Sciences de La Villette). Java expertise for the museum and development of service contents for their openning (Java applet, video on demand - JMF, Java ready set top boxes, CORBA, ATM.)




European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva


16 months 1995/97

Civil military service – code development


Responsibility for the development and the maintenance of the alarms management software of the particles accelerators LEP and SPS. C based Client/Server, Unix platform (HP-UX), XWindow, Oracle, Pro*C (100,000 lines of code, 100,000 alarms defined, 4,000 alarms/day).

Creation in Java of an intranet web emulation and gateway to the legacy system of control based on the Teletext format. Launching of a project for the use of Java for the consultation of alarms via an intranet Client/Server and a graphic interface similar to the current system.





Studies and training courses



Computing science section, "Grande Ecole" for Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computing and Hydraulics of Toulouse, France)


3rd year in special section "man/machine interface, computer-integrated manufacturing, robotics".

Design and development of a software generating graphic animations for the multimedia team of the LAAS-CNRS; multimedia streams, C++, XWindow, multithreading, time-based Petri nets. (Training course of end of studies, 3 months.)

Creation of the Web server of the School. First involvement in the Web field before its general exposure. Definition and installation of a repository for research papers, CGI-scripts. (Training course of beginning of 3rd year, 2 months.)


General scientific studies (“Bac C”). "Grandes Ecoles" preparation. Ranked first for the admission at ENSEEIHT.




Acquired knowledge


English language

Common practice in technical context. Heavy reader. Many stays abroad. Experiment of work in international context at CERN and MultiMania. (TOEFL scoring 587.)

Project management

Management and motivation of a ten persons team. Relationship with multiple technical contractors and web agencies. Hardware buying. Financial negotiations. Human relationships experience in both startup and large company spirit of management. Knowledge in new rapid development methodologies, as XP, and continuous quality improvement like 6 Sigma.

Strategic thinking

Participated to business model creation of several companies and projects. Definition of a strategic vision for a competitive landscape into middle to long term time frames. Redefinition and optimization of tools, methodologies, and their organizational implications. Strong knowledge of the different classical business models of the B2C web.

Marketing and communication

Good understanding of marketing thinking, often used in project functional definition phases. Expertise in web ergonomics, and in B2C web sites conversion optimization. Creative thinking and innovation.


Knowledge in the particular business context of the retail industry. Especially big stakes in terms of cash flow, profitability, customer acquisition and retention, customer relationship, relationship with suppliers.

Java / .Net

Practice of Java since the creation of the platform in 1997. Technical direction of the first big French project in Microsoft .Net in 2001. Knowledge in PHP, C et C++. Proficiency in code quality, object oriented development, maintainability, scalability. Understanding of development specificities in “cloud computing” context, experiments on Amazon AWS.

Unix / Microsoft

Good knowledge of Unix administration and Windows Server web platform (IIS, SQL Server 2000 in cluster, Application Center 2000, Commerce Server 2002, Visual Source Safe).

Open source software /

Web 2.0 / Mobility / SEO

Numerous implementations of open source software. And general capacity of comparing free with commercial packages, based on total cost of ownership. Strong knowledge of web 2.0 technologies for architecture impact, ergonomics, and semantic web. Development of two iPhone applications. Good understanding of search engine optimization.

Network / Hosting

Capability to create from scratch a complete architecture, from network infrastructure hardware (routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers) with specialized contractors, definition of bandwidth, storage, hosting and SLAs. Good knowledge of security management.





General interests



Attending exhibits at Parisian modern art venues (Beaubourg, MAM, Maison Rouge, Palais de Tokyo, etc.). Specific interest for kinetic art.


Regular skiing practice. Heliskiing in Canada.


Numerous trips abroad, especially in Asia (Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam).